Dear White Women,


Many Women of Color have called you out on your whitewashing of their issues in relation to racial injustice and how it affects things central to women’s experiences across the planet. Many of you have learned from these experiences about how to navigate your White Privilege while still being a disenfranchised gender-group. However, I don’t think much attention has been payed (despite negative attention) to how Men of Color relate to you all.

Now, I’m genderqueer, but as I’ve said before Black Man/Man of Color is my politicized identity based on how [some] people may perceive me and have in the past. Even though I was raised-as-a-boy, I’ve still always been gender-bending/genderqueer, and people have “misgendered” me as a woman as I’ve gained in age (thanks to mama’s genes! <3). But, because I am still affected by MOC issues, it’s time I spoke out a bit more.

Tip for the future: if you think to take it upon yourself to dictate to a Man of Color about how works such as “Othello” relate to him and his maleness? Do not. It is a crime against your critical thinking skills. I think that many times you all don’t realize how MOC are, like you, privileged and non-privileged in two major areas. Except for MOC it’s the reverse of WW’s experiences. For MOC it’s “of color while men” and for WW it’s “white while women”. There are levels of privilege and power in play for MOC that do not always translate to a universal experience of Patriarchy due to White Supremacy.

For instance, when speaking about how Patriarchy hurts men, I’ve noticed that MOC do not gain any sort of acknowledgement in these discussions unless the discussion is being held between WOC. This is only natural because you [White Women] do not suffer from institutional racism and thus issues relating to race have always been unseen to you. The racial-gender hierarchy in much of the Western World, and even in non-Western countries affected by Colonialism, Imperalism and Eurocentrism, pits White Women above MOC. Sometimes, as bell hooks has illustrated, MOC and White Women may share the same societal status by the factors of Maleness for MOC and Whiteness for White Women, but it’s incumbent upon White Women to holistically realize how male repression has forever been used as an oppressive tool against MOC by White Women themselves.

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    I didn’t even realize people compared Othello to modern-day men of color. That is really, really stupid.
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